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Foursquare gives out unsolicited tips on iPhone

A new feature lets some members go about their lives, phone in pocket, and get alerts when the service finds something interesting for them to eat, see, or do nearby.

foursquare real-time recommendations

Foursquare is releasing a new version of its application for iPhone that will deliver suggestions on what to eat, see, or do at or near your current location before you have to ask for them.

Thursday, the place-centric social network has put a passive location feature for tips that are delivered unsolicited in version 6.4 of its iOS application, which also comes with a slightly refreshed design, for some of its users.

The feature, which the company is now calling "real-time recommendations," works in the background on your smartphone, paying attention to your device's movements to guess your exact whereabouts. The app then sends a push notification when it thinks it has found a place-related bit of information you might appreciate.

Essentially, the feature is designed to be a come-to-you interface for Foursquare tips, so you can go about your life, phone in pocket, and still reap the rewards of insights gleaned from the 4-year-old app's 40 million members and 4.5 billion check-ins.

The location-aware additive, first released on Android in late August, is only being doled out to 1,000 people on iPhone. Foursquare said it will slowly roll out the automatically delivered tips to the rest of its audience on iPhone. The push notification suggestions are already available to nearly all of Foursquare's users on Android.