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Foursquare co-founder Selvadurai to leave company

Naveen Selvadurai says he is leaving the location-based social network to do something new, although he isn't sure exactly what he wants to do.

Foursquare co-founders Naveen Selvadurai (left) and Dennis Crowley.

Foursquare co-founder Naveen Selvadurai announced today he is leaving the location-based social network.

Selvadurai, who co-founded the social network with Dennis Crowley in 2008, will remain on the company's board of directors, serving as an adviser, he wrote on his personal blog. He said the move was motivated by a desire to do something new.

"I'm not sure about my exact next steps, but I'll probably get back to what I love most--being an entrepreneur, learning, and building new things," he wrote.

In the post, he marveled at the progress the company has made since its launch at the South By Southwest conference in 2009:

It's hard to believe that now, three years later, instead of one hundred beta testers, the company has over a hundred incredibly talented employees helping us realize that vision. And they're building amazing things.

In that time, I've worn a ton of hats: from product to engineering, from funding rounds to roadshows, from recruiting to evangelizing. But, after three years, I feel I've done all I can do and I'm moving on. Dennis and i have been discussing timing for a while, and we decided that now, on this anniversary, it feels right to begin the transition. So this will be my last month working at foursquare.

In the past three years, Foursquare has seen 15 million downloads of its mobile check-in app and has 750,000 merchants signed up.

Selvadurai's departure from Foursquare was first reported by GigaOm.