Forget-me-not service Kwiry adds photo nagging

Company is hoping users will use new feature to catalog things they come across in everyday life, and bookmark them for later.

Josh Lowensohn Former Senior Writer
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Josh Lowensohn
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Kwiry, the memory-saving tool I wrote about back in December, has just put out a useful update for people who don't like to type. Users can now send photos to their Kwiry stream in hopes of digging up a search for it later. The company is hoping people will use this to catalog things they come across in everyday life, and bookmark them for later like people do with links on services like Delicious and Magnolia.

Kwiry's creators insist this isn't a photo-hosting service--just a tool to help people dig up more information about something they've seen while out and about. Up until now the service's core approach has revolved around text, either via SMS or the mobile Web. The workflow for users who upload photos is very different; instead of building up a group of searches related to what you've sent, your picture will simply sit there unless you've entered text or a note to beef up the notation. This means users must try to identify what they were trying to remember, or have their friends help them out by doing some of the grunt work for them.

To complement the idea of taking pictures while away from a computer the site has amped up its mobile offerings, with a more lightweight version of its mobile page for both standard mobile phones and Apple's iPhone. The experience is a little more dynamic than the simple SMS system that was in place beforehand--my only qualm is that if you've got an iPhone or other mobile device with a good browser handy you can simply look something up on the spot. The service's creators are hoping people will simply bookmark it for later perusal if only to provide a backward stream of searches and saved items users can come back to at a later date.

Kwiry now lets you add photos as well as text notes that you can search for later. In this case, clicking on the Yelp button on the right would let you hunt down reviews and ratings for Mama's. Kwiry