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For Windows, today's problems, tomorrow's promise

As Microsoft looks to the future with Vista, it still has to deal with the ever-present dangers of software flaws.

As Microsoft looks to the future with Windows Vista, it still has to deal with the ever-present dangers of software flaws.

Microsoft updates Windows Vista test code

The software maker releases an update that adds an improved version of Internet Explorer 7 and other features.
October 17, 2005

FAQ: Getting a handle on Windows Vista

FAQ Vista--what used to be called Longhorn--has evolved quite a bit since Microsoft first trotted it out.
October 17, 2005

At Microsoft, interlopers sound off on security

Independent computer security specialists were invited to Microsoft's headquarters to critique the flaws of Windows software.
The New York Times
October 17, 2005

Critical Windows patch may wreak PC havoc

Patch to fix serious Windows flaws can lock users out of their computer, prevent the Windows firewall from starting, block applications and cause other trouble.
October 14, 2005

Gates to students: Microsoft wants you

In part recruitment effort, part product pitch, Bill Gates champions the "magic of software" before a packed house at Howard University.
October 14, 2005

Xbox plays starring role in Windows update

New software will more closely link the gaming console into Microsoft's digital entertainment strategy.
October 13, 2005 previous coverage

Microsoft meets the hackers

special report Hackers head to Redmond to show how Windows code can be exploited and to collaborate on improving security.
June 15, 2005