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Flipboard enables gifs, top stories for iOS devices

The news magazine app now has gifs. Go crazy, Apple device users. Plus, it puts the newest, most popular stories at the top of each section.


Flipboard's Apple device users now can be as animated as their Android counterparts. The news magazine app added gifs support with its latest iOS update, the company announced Wednesday.

The company added support for the animated files for Android users alongside the launch ofits Web-based version last month.

Flipboard also is trying out a new feature called Top Stories, which puts the newest and most popular content of the day in news, business, technology, and sports at the top of each section. It's an experiment that puts Flipboard more in line with what Twitter does well -- real-time news.

Other new features encourage users to spend more time reading Flipboard items. Flipboard has added an automatic prompt to share magazines with friends and followers. It's triggered by a curator flipping 10 items into a magazine. Additionally, when a user creates more than two magazines, Flipboard will automatically generate an avatar that links to a user profile that features all of the user's magazines.