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Flipboard arrives on Android

The popular news-reader app, hitherto iOS-only, can now be had on Android phones and on Kindle Fire and Nook tablets. Plus: Hooking up with Google+ and YouTube.

Google's 'bot on Flipboard's red couch.

Popular news-reader app Flipboard has officially landed on Android.

In a blog post, Flipboard said the app is available for Android phones as well as for Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet and Barnes and Noble's Nook slate.

The Android version of Flipboard will come preinstalled on Samsung's Galaxy S3 phone from any of the leading carriers, Flipboard said.

The company also announced new services and editions:

We're also expanding Flipboard's utility today by adding two new major services: Google+ and YouTube. Now you can connect your Google+ account to Flipboard and see all the activity in your Circles in a beautiful magazine format. You can "+1" (Google's version of "like") any post from within Flipboard, or tap the status update to share, comment and reply.

The YouTube experience is similarly transformed, as video browsing becomes more like reading a magazine. Flip through your subscriptions, uploads and favorites, or enjoy popular feeds like Most Viewed, Trending Videos and Top Favorites. (We'll have tips and tricks on using Google+ and YouTube on Flipboard in this blog in the coming days.)

Finally, Flipboard is now available in five new editions--Germany, Italy, Korea, Netherlands and Spain--with a fully translated interface and tons of reading recommendations curated by local editors. Anyone can explore great content from around the world by tapping on the red ribbon, tapping "This Week" and selecting your Content Guide Edition.

Google opened up its Google+ application programming interface to Flipboard on Tuesday, which presumably means Flipboard users will soon be able to read and publish Google+ posts and comment on those posts directly from Flipboard.