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Fleksy helps you type your texts on the Samsung Gear 2

A new text messaging app brings the predictive power of Fleksy's keyboard to the Gear 2 smartwatch.


If you're looking for a way to send text messages from the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch on your wrist, you're in luck. Today, Fleksy, the company behind the minimal Android keyboard of the same name, released an SMS app designed specifically for the Gear 2.

With Fleksy on the Gear 2, you can receive text messages sent to your phone, and reply to them using a full QWERTY keyboard. Given that the Gear 2 has a puny 1.63-inch screen, it's a challenge to type on it at all, let alone with accuracy. That's one of the main reasons the watch relies on voice dictation instead of an onscreen keyboard for text input.

Fleksy says the keyboard's minimal design, gesture commands, and intelligent predictive typing technology help you get out the message you want on such a small screen. The company shows the keyboard in action in a video, and you can see that while the person typing doesn't always hit the right letters, the app does a good job of guessing the word he wants.

The Gear 2 Fleksy app is a few months in the making. The story goes that CEO Ioannis Verdelis sideloaded (which means installing an app without downloading it from Google Play) Fleksy onto his Samsung Galaxy Gear watch before CES 2014 to show off the app on at the trade show. Then, just one month later, during Mobile World Congress, the company announced it was working on a Fleksy app for the newly unveiled Gear 2, the follow up to the Galaxy Gear.

Fleksy started out making an Android keyboard, but has since expanded to other platforms. It already has a version for iOS that only works in specific apps, and the company has confirmed that it's working on a full-featured app for the upcoming iOS 8 update, which supports systemwide third-party keyboards. Now Fleksy has moved to Tizen, Samsung's proprietary operating system that runs on the Gear 2.

If you're interested in using Fleksy on your Gear 2 smartwatch, you can download the app starting today from the Samsung app store.