Fitness gadget company Fitbit raises a round

Cool company gets well-deserved funding.

Rafe Needleman Former Editor at Large
Rafe Needleman reviews mobile apps and products for fun, and picks startups apart when he gets bored. He has evaluated thousands of new companies, most of which have since gone out of business.
Rafe Needleman
Fitbit tracks your activity.

A month after wowing attendees of the TechCrunch50 conference with its personal motion sensor and associated online service that tracks your physical activity, fitness gadget company Fitbit has raised a modest early-stage funding round.

The company has closed a $2 million round led by True Ventures, with additional money from SoftTech VC and "a group of angel investors," according to the company's statement.

The cool little product is still not available. The company site projects a December or January shipment of the first units. The funding will help kick-start the manufacturing process.

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