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First multilingual version of XP released

Intended for emerging markets, the stripped-down Windows XP Starter Edition will be available in English, Indic and other languages.

Microsoft has brought out the first multilingual version of its stripped down Windows XP Starter Edition.

A new version of the OS--a reduced-price, reduced-functionality Windows aimed at developing markets--will be released in a variety of new languages, including English, for the first time.

The multilingual Starter Edition will cater to India's nine Indic languages as well as the many millions in the country who also speak English.

It is now available in a number of countries outside India, including Russia and Malaysia, and is aimed at first-time users of Windows. India will be the first country to get a dedicated multilingual version of the operating system.

The multilingual Indian XP is expected to be available from early next year and follows the initial introduction of the Starter Edition into the country in September of last year.

More than 100,000 copies of Starter Edition XP have been sold around the world to date.

Jo Best of reported from London.