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Firewalls get watchdog

Seattle Software Labs introduces a new module designed to manage multiple firewalls from a single location.

Seattle Software Labs today introduced a new module designed to manage multiple firewalls from a single location.

The company also announced new enhancements to its security suite to block automated email responses and downloads of Java and ActiveX executable code, plus a new feature that lets its WatchGuard Security System be integrated with proxy servers.

Watchguard Global Console lets system administrators manage several of its hardware-based Watchguard Firebox firewalls from a single location. Seattle is promoting its suite as the cheapest firewall and security management system available. However, its management system cannot handle firewalls from other vendors.

Last week, Finjan Software announced that it would integrate its software with products from five major firewall vendors to block selected hostile Java applets. Seattle's module blocks all Java applets.

Integrating WatchGuard with proxy servers is designed to reduce Internet traffic and to speed access for multiple users. The new feature also enables systems administrators to block identifying information so that communications by WatchGuard-protected clients remain anonymous. WatchGuard can be integrated with caching servers from Microsoft and other vendors.

Seattle Software's security suite consists of a "firewall in a box" security appliance, called Watchguard Firebox, and a several configuration and administration software modules.

The Watchguard Global Console is targeted at departments in larger enterprises for intranet security, at smaller firms with little security or networking expertise, and at ISPs offering fee-based remote firewall management.

The Global Console, which runs on Windows 95, Windows NT, or Linux workstations, is available now from Seattle Software sales reps and VARs for $2,495. The full WatchGuard Security System and WatchGuard Firebox starts at $3,495 in the United States.