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Firefox for iOS now wants you to browse in the dark

Mozilla's browser can automatically dim the screen for iPhones and iPads at night. Also new: full-screen video in the Focus browser for Android.

Mozilla Firefox for iOS
Mozilla offers its Firefox browser for iOS devices.

Mozilla released Firefox 8.0 for iOS on Thursday, adding a dark mode to make nighttime reading easier on your eyes and the ability to scan QR codes from the browser.

The new dark mode dims the screen automatically, Mozilla said in a blog post, though it doesn't change white backgrounds to dark or make other more dramatic changes. The QR code reader, which can be used to scan digital data with your phone's camera to retrieve information like web addresses and business card contact details, means you can delete a standalone app for the purpose, Mozilla argues.

The company also said more than a million people have downloaded its Focus browser for Android. It's also updated it with full-screen video support in the new version 1.1.

Focus is a stripped-down browser designed for quick peeks at the web. To protect privacy, it blocks some advertisers' behavior tracking and prompts you to erase your browsing history.