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Firefox for Android beta lets you add your own home screen pages

A key feature in the latest beta for Android users expands the ways you can customize and tweak the home screen.

The new Firefox beta. Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Those of you who use Firefox on your Android device will now find countless ways to customize your home screen via a new beta version.

Available on Google Play, the Firefox for Android beta throws in several ways to add website content to your home screen and even set up individual pages to populate the home screen.

Google's Android operating system offers users a variety of different mobile browsers, including Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Dolphin, Maxthon, and other lesser-known choices. Android remains a popular choice, but Chrome has long surpassed its Mozilla rival in market share both on the desktop and mobile devices. So Mozilla needs to keep enhancing its browser if it wants to stay competitive in the browser wars.

As described in a Mozilla press release on Friday, you can add home screen content from several different websites, RSS feeds, and other services. For example, you can now include content from such services as Instagram, Pocket, Vimeo, and Wikipedia.

You can also decide which home screen page you want to see as the default. You can rearrange invidual pages, hide only certain pages, and even hide all pages if you prefer a clean home screen. You can now install new home screen pages the same way you would install new browser add-ons by grabbing them from the Add-Ons menu or from a collection of home screen pages from the Mozilla add-ons website.

The new Firefox for Android beta also allows you to switch between different languages without having to restart. You can jump among 54 different languages.

Those of you who take the new Firefox beta for a spin on your Android device are asked to share your feedback with Mozilla via the Feedback page. You can also file any bugs that you discover through a bugzilla form.