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Firefox 3 download day: 5 million downloads in 24 hours?

With Firefox 3 officially launching today, so why not help everyone's favourite 'Zilla achieve its goal of most downloads on a single day?

Here at Crave, most of us are already using Firefox 3, even though it launches today. Some of us have even been using it since it was in early beta, some came on board with the release candidates and some are still using Idiot Explorer. So it feels odd to get excited about something we're already pretty familiar with.

There don't seem to be many places without people signed up and ready to grab their free copy of the popular browser. Even North Korea is getting in on the action, with 301 people promising their 'custom'. Mozilla says that it's using geo IP information to work out where people are located, but it promises no personally identifiable data is collected.

In total, at the time of writing, over 1.5 million people have officially pledged to download the browser, but the Firefox team will be hoping many more will actually click the link, given that even Firefox 2 managed 1.6 million downloads on 24 October 2006. Mozilla suggests we should aim for 5 million downloads and see how we get on. Of course, there isn't actually a record for 'most software downloads in one day' yet, so technically it will only take one person to download Firefox for it to succeed, but it just wouldn't be a very hard record to break in the future.

It's probably worth pointing out that updates and failed attempts to download won't be counted. Mozilla is also asking that you only download Firefox once per computer -- it isn't trying to cheat the system after all.

Download day starts at 10am PDT (6pm in the UK). You can find a full list of the start times on the Fixed Time World Clock relevant to your region. You can pledge your support and, when the time comes, download Firefox on the official download day site. –Ian Morris

Update: You can download Firefox 3 here. Read more about the best Firefox 3 plug-ins here, read our full review here, and see more photos of its new features here.