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Finds at the Stirr Mixer: Texting T-Shirts and Brainy Flash

Sandwich boards go 2.0 with a service that lets you put a short code on your T-Shirt. Also, how to get smarter.

Found at Wednesday night's Stirr mixer:

Hopefully, I will not need to wear this shirt.

Reactee, which will print a custom T-Shirt for you with an SMS short code and your custom keyword. When people who see the shirt text your word to the short code, they get your custom message back. And you, my clever self-marketing friend, get their phone number. Just the thing for (a) L.A. actors and actresses waiting to be discovered by agents and producers whose tables they are serving, (b) people who want to broadcast their cause (there are a lot of Reactee customers in nonprofits, CEO Ariel Poler told me), and (c) entrepreneurs looking for funding from random VCs whose paths they might cross. See 20 other rad T-shirt sites.

Which way is the middle bird flying?

Lumosity, which makes Flash "brain games" that, it says, will make you smarter. The science behind the site comes from a Ph.D. candidate, I was told--a guy who dropped his neuroscience education to start this project. How smart was that, now? If you'll pay $9.95 a month for a subscription to the site, it was brilliant. Truth be told, the games are somewhat entertaining, and even the gateway IQ test at least leaves you with a feeling of brainy accomplishment when you're done with it.

There were other companies at the event that that we've already covered, plus a few that were too early to cover, but I'm tracking them and will write them up when they show me something I can evaluate.