Find your celebrity look-alike

Find your celebrity look-alike

Tim Moynihan
MyHeritage, an online genealogy and facial-recognition service, has an addictive little application on its site.

Find the Celebrity in You allows you to upload your own photo, which is then run through a facial-recognition scanner and "matched up" to your celebrity look-alikes.

Keep in mind that you have to enter your e-mail address to use the service. We just came across this app today, so we can't tell you whether you'll get a bunch of spam after doing so.

The results are often hilarious, and they vary wildly depending upon which picture you upload. For example, one CNET employee somehow simultaneously looks like Arnold Palmer, Carl Lewis, Ricky Martin, and Steve Buscemi...without really looking like any of them.

Still, it's a fun little online toy. To test its chops, you can also upload a photo of a celebrity and let the application identify who it is after scanning the image.

Who do you look like? Post your celebrity look-alikes in the TalkBack section below and let us know if you really look like any of them.