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Find what's nearby on Airbnb with this Chrome extension

Explore nearby places for Airbnb is a Chrome extension lets you do exactly what its name says.

Airbnb can be a bit of a roll of the dice. While the Explore nearby places for Airbnb Chrome extension can't guarantee the condition of the apartment or the room you are booking matches that of the photos on its listing, it can let you see what types of attractions are nearby.

From the makers of the YapQ city guides, this extension adds an "Explore nearby" box to Airbnb listings, letting you flip through dozens of must-see places.

Each point of interest shows you how long a walk it is from the Airbnb listing you are viewing, and you can click the Read More link to open a YapQ page in a new Chrome tab with the attraction's full description, plus other points of interest nearby.

(Via Product Hunt)

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET