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Final Breaking Bad episode, Felina, on Netflix now

The final episode of Breaking Bad is on Netflix now. What will become of Walter White?

Richard Trenholm Former Movie and TV Senior Editor
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Richard Trenholm
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The final episode of Breaking Bad is on Netflix right now. Watch the conclusion to the fall from grace of Walter White in Felina, the last episode of the hugely popular US show starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.

When last we saw mild-mannered chemistry teacher turned crystal meth kingpin Walter White, he was a broken man stuck at the top of a frozen mountain. But even as it seems he's lost everything, his wounded pride and ego rears its head one more time -- and it seems we're about to see the flashback from the start of season five come full circle...

What will happen to Jesse? Will Todd get his comeuppance? Will Walt Jr and Skylar ever eat breakfast again? And is Walter doomed?

The new episodes of Breaking Bad hit UK Netflix less than a day after being first broadcast in the US, a massive bonus for British viewers and surely a sure-fire way to cut down on piracy. The fast appearance of the final episode also means we can come back to the Internet without fear of spoilers.

Netflix costs £6 per month, and has previously experimented with making its own TV shows, including the acclaimed House of Cards. The remake of the classic BBC drama recently saw off the full might of 'proper' TV shows to win an Emmy.

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