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Film director reminds us to edit our e-mails

Leaked e-mail from "Transformers" director Michael Bay shows there may be job opportunities for copy editors in Hollywood.

Courtesy of Michael Bay, director of such percussive films as "Bad Boys," "The Rock," and "Transformers," comes the latest reminder to read over e-mails before hitting send.

Apparently Bay was disappointed with the way his latest film, "Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen," was being marketed, so he sent a nasty note to Paramount Pictures bosses. Someone leaked the e-mail to gossip hub TMZ and Bay's image has now taken some dings.

First, for a maker of macho-man movies, Bay sounds a tad whiny. Then, there's the problem with the way he writes. One critic at New York magazine called Bay's note "grammatically horrifying."

Here's a sample: (For extra credit, feel free to correct the sentences in the comments section.)

• "I'm sure the Yahoo downloads of the trailer are far lower than last movie--I would of got something saying how we broke download records like last time."

• "I still run into so many people even this weekend with kids that ask 'is that movie coming out this year?'"

• "So far our print has been in my opinion and abject failure."

Bay is a college graduate (Wesleyan University), according to his Wikipedia page. His father was an accountant and his mother, ironically, was a book store owner.

I, for one, have left a modifier or two dangling. Who hasn't? But while Bay makes truckloads of cash as a filmmaker, he obviously needs help bumping words together.

No problem. If Bay is like most of Hollywood's elite, he has his own cook, fitness trainer, publicist, and stylist. Why not add a copy editor to the mix?