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FileSonic goes offline

Online file storage site FileSonic is no longer online, months after it restricted users' service in the wake of the MegaUpload raid.

Popular digital locker service FileSonic has gone offline.

The file-sharing site went dark on Wednesday and has been unreachable since, according to TorrentFreak.

FileSonic had imposed uploading restrictions on its users shortly after fellow Web locker service MegaUpload was raided by the FBI earlier this year.

The site began limiting what its users could upload and download, and disabled any file-sharing functionality. A banner on the site said: "Our service can only be used to upload and retrieve files that you have uploaded personally."

FileSonic also reportedly deleted files and accounts in January that were associated with piracy or copyright infringement.

The changes to the site saw FileSonic's traffic and user numbers decline. However, FileSonic may have shuttered of its own volition, TorrentFreak hinted.

The company had been the target of legal action by a porn company, according to the BBC. Oron, a similar file-sharing site, disappeared from the Web in August following a lawsuit by the same porn company, Flava Works, which accused both sites of assisting their members to infringe copyrighted materials.

Representatives for FileSonic were contacted but did not reply at the time of writing.