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Feedbeat takes playlists from audio to video

Feedbeat's playlist service lets you create your own video channel.

Video clips are everywhere. It's hard to go a day without getting an e-mail or an instant message that has a link to a movie from a friend. If that doesn't happen to you, maybe you need new friends, or maybe you need Feedbeat, a playlist service that lets you create your own video channel. Clips can be pulled from a number of providers and ordered to your liking. You get your own custom Feedbeat Web page that other users can bookmark and watch almost like a TV channel. Adding more videos to your Feedbeat playlist is simplified by a bookmarklet that lets you add any active video to your master playlist with one click. YouTube has had a playlist feature since October 2005, but if you're trying to pull video clips from multiple sites you were pretty much out of luck, short of spending the time to embed them all in a Web page.

The video below explains it a bit more thoroughly. It's also narrated by robots.