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FBI investigating one of its Twitter accounts

The agency will look into some recent controversial tweets.


Some recent tweets raised eyebrows, and the FBI is checking into it.

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The FBI is investigating the recent activity of one of its Twitter accounts, Think Progress reported Thursday.

On October 30, the FBI Records Vault account tweeted a slew of tweets, including about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's father, and then on November 1, tweeted documents relating to President Clinton's pardon of commodities trader Marc Rich in 2001.

The tweets drew attention, in part, because the account hadn't been active since October 2015.

The concern is that federal law says Department of Justice employees can't "engage in partisan political activity while on duty, in a federal facility, or using federal property" under 1939's Hatch Act.

The FBI's Inspection Division will be looking into the account. The Office of Professional Responsibility will handle any "adjudication" if the investigation deems it necessary. The FBI wasn't immediately available for comment.