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Faulty PS4 consoles spark new Amazon exchange process

Hundreds of new PS4 owners discover their consoles broken straight out of the box. Amazon responds with a special replacement deal, according to customers.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Disappointed Sony PlayStation 4 owners with broken consoles can take advantage of a new exchange process cooked up by Amazon to address hundreds of unhappy customers.

GeekWire spotted an Amazon review Monday that said the online retailer had a "special process to send replacements to those who have faulty consoles," without needing to ship the defective gadget back right away. Commenters on the review said they also were able to take advantage of the program by contacting Amazon customer service.

Amazon said that the majority of its customers who have ordered the PS4 have not been affected. "The PS4 has been a big seller on Amazon with more units shipped on release day than any other video game console in our history. More than 99 percent of Amazon customers are having a great experience with their new console," an Amazon spokesperson said in a statement. "We are working with Sony to assist the small percentage of customers who have reported issues and our customer service team stands ready to offer an exchange or where possible, help customers get their systems up and running."

Although there's speculation among the reviews that Amazon's packaging is causing an issue, Amazon is not the only retailer with this problem.

Some consumers who purchased the product from GameStop and Walmart have also reported receiving consoles with a pulsing blue light, an indication the device is damaged and won't start. Other users said the console worked initially, but eventually failed while in use.

Update, 4:53 p.m. PT Adds comment from Amazon.