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Farecast adds international airfare predictions

Here's how to find the best price on a flight to a location you can't afford to stay at.

Wait for prices to come down? Or the dollar to rise?

Farecast, the site that tells you when to buy your airline tickets to get the best price, has finally added international routes to its service. This feature would have been great back before the dollar took its tumble against world currencies, and a family dinner in Paris didn't cost $300. (See: Farecast: Out of beta, but still U.S.-only.)

The data on the service appears to be filling out slowly. While there is historical pricing for the airfares of US-Europe and US-Mexico/Caribbean city pairs, the actual fare predictions are not all there. I tried to price a San Francisco-Paris flight and found that buying advice was not available for the return date I wanted based on the departure I chose.

Predictions only work for flights or round-trips originating in the U.S. You Europeans, you get a good enough deal coming here already. No Farecast for you.

Still, Farecast is a great Web 2.0 service. It's good to see it adding more useful data. If you want to really get out of town, you don't have to head all the way to Europe, use it to price tickets to Mexico.