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Farallon simplifies ISDN connections

In an effort to satisfy home users, telecommuters, and small-office owners who want high-speed access to the Internet through ISDN, Farallon Computing today unveiled its Netopia ISDN Modem.

In an effort to provide individuals, telecommuters, and small-office owners high-speed access to the Internet through Integrated Services Digital Network, Farallon Computing today unveiled its Netopia ISDN Modem.

The Netopia ISDN Modem offers access to the Net at more than four times the speed of traditional analog modems, according to Farallon officials. The device is aimed at the increasing number of users frustrated with slow Internet access times who are signing up for ISDN lines for their home computers or small offices. Although analysts predict that cable modems will become increasingly popular as high-speed Net access devices, ISDN is the most widely available service for getting on the Net faster.

The modem comes bundled with an Internet software starter kit, which includes an IP client, a PPP client, an Enhanced Mosaic Web browser, the Eudora Lite mail client, a news reader, ftp client, Gopher, MicroPhone telnet, and a 14-day free trial account with the PSINet Internet service provider.

Windows 95 users will also get Microsoft's Internet Jumpstart Kit and can surf the Web with the company's Internet Explorer browser.

The Windows version of the Netopia ISDN Modem costs $399. Mac users will have to wait a month and pay more for their version, which will ship next month at $429.

Farallon is also offering users a support program called $99 Up & Running, Guaranteed for ordering and coordinating ISDN services with your telephone company and Internet service provider. The service also helps users configure their new modems and provides a 30-day free trial of Farallon's Timbuktu Pro remote control software controlling a desktop from a remote location. Timbuktu users, for example, could email those files they forgot on their home computers to their offices.

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