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Facebook's Zuckerberg racks up followers on Pinterest

With profiles on Twitter and Google+ already, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg adds the social network Pinterest to his cache.

Mark Zuckerberg's Pinterest profile.
Screenshot by CNET

Either a social networking-addict or nervous competitor, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently joined the fastest-growing social network Pinterest.

His followers can call him "Zuck" and see that he likes the movies "Brides Maids" and "Moneyball" and that he also likes the idea of injecting food coloring into lemons to change their color.

Besides that there's not much else to glean from Zuck's Pinterest profile. As of this writing, he has 2,558 followers and is following 125 people.

Pinterest isn't the only competing social network that the Facebook CEO has joined--he also has accounts on Google+ and Twitter. Even though Zuckerberg has 134,507 followers on Twitter, he's only tweeted 19 times since he joined nearly three years ago. His Google+ account boasts similar high numbers of followers, in fact even more than Google CEO Larry Page, but again he uses the network sparsely.

Although Pinterest is quickly moving up the social networking ranks, it seems Zuckerberg doesn't have much to worry about. While Pinterest is the fastest growing social network, it's still leagues behind Facebook. Last month's data on referral traffic put Pinterest at 3.6 percent, tied with Twitter and Google+, but Facebook had a whopping 26.4 percent.

In fact, some of Pinterest's traffic might be coming from Facebook itself. Today, Facebook released stats on how its Timeline apps are faring and it appears Pinterest has grown by more than 60 percent since becoming one of Facebook's new apps less than one month ago.

"The virtual pinboard site has made it fun and easy to share the items you've pinned and follow the boards of people you find interesting," Facebook engineer Vladimir Fedorov said in a blog post today.