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Facebook's Snapchat rival Slingshot now available worldwide

Ephemeral photo sharing app Slingshot is now available for iPhone and Android anywhere in the world.


Slingshot has shot to the rest of the world. Facebook's photo sharing app is now available around the world after launching in the US last week.

Slingshot is a new app from Facebook, although it doesn't have any Facebook branding on it. It's an app to send and receive "ephemeral messages" -- messages that disappear after a set period of time. It's similar to the hugely popular Snapchat, sending photos that are then deleted, but with a twist: you can't see messages until you send something yourself.

Slingshot works on iOS 7 or higher, or Android handsets running Jelly Bean or KitKat.

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When you first open the app, you're presented with a simple camera app with a few basic settings. You can capture a video or a photo and add text, icons or your own scribbles, like the shot above shared by Slingshot on Instagram.

Then you can send the image to a group, or a single person. Photos and videos self-destruct after they've been viewed, but you can look at a photo or watch a video on a loop for as long as you want before flicking it away with your finger.

Slingshot works on friends' phone numbers, so it's not tied directly to Facebook. Unlike Facebook's other apps, such as Paper , Slingshot isn't marketed with the company's branding.

Facebook bought Instagram, a picture-sharing company, back in 2012. Messaging and picture-sharing has become an important part of the social network's strategy recently, as instant messaging replaces text messages, meaning the revenue from messages is shifting from phone networks to companies with messaging apps.