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Facebook's new map shows all the live streams taking place around the world

Want to watch a live stream from Brazil, Italy or North Korea? Facebook's new map makes that very easy to do.

Facebook/Screenshot by Andrew Hoyle/CNET

With Facebook's new interactive map, you can see the locations of all the live video streams users are broadcasting anywhere in the world.

The Live Video map can be found under Apps in the left hand panel of It shows the locations of all current streams as tiny blue dots.

The dots will be larger the more viewers they have, however. If you hover your cursor over a larger dot, it'll show lines indicating where in the world people are viewing from, as illustrated in the image above.

The map is currently being rolled out, and so far we've been able to find it in the UK and the US. I've asked Facebook to clarify when it'll see a full global rollout and I'll update this article when I hear more.

(Via Engadget)