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Facebook Year Together: How to create your personalized 2021 highlights

Here's how to check out and share your top people and places for the year.

Facebook year together 2021

Facebook has launched its yearly highlight feature, with users able to check their top friendships, reactions and checkins for 2021. 

The feature, which includes the three categories labeled by Facebook as "the friendships," "the sparks" and "the places," will be available globally by Friday.

"Here's to the things that meant the most, and kept us close in a year we were often far apart," the Facebook feature says.

How to see and share your Facebook Year Together

1. Open your Facebook app on mobile, and the Year Together section should appear at the top of your feed below stories.

2. Scroll through to see the highlights gathered -- they include the top people you interacted with; the places you most frequently checked in to; and the people you've connected with the most during 2021.

3. You can choose which sections to publicize before clicking the Share button.

If you can't see your own highlights yet but other friends have shared theirs, you can click the See your own 2021 highlights: Try it button below their post.

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