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Facebook Workplace gets a new customer: Singapore

The Singaporean government will migrate over 140,000 workers to Facebook Workplace by March next year.


Facebook, not content with sucking hours away from your personal life, is hoping to build an equally successful platform for the office, one to compete with Slack.

Now, it's gained a fairly significant customer in the government of Singapore, said Peter Ong, head of the Singapore civil service. The Singaporean government will move all of its public service officers, some 143,000 of them, to Facebook's new platform by March of 2017, according to ZDNet.

Those users would help Facebook as it hopes to compete with Slack, which boasts over 3 million users. Unlike regular Facebook which makes money from advertising, Workplace will run off a subscription model.

"We launched Workplace in October," said Ong. "And as part of phase one, 15 agencies and more than 5,300 public officers are now digitally connected in real time."

Facebook officially launched Workplace last month at an event in London. The platform is designed solely for the kind of interactions you might have with your colleagues, as well as those that take place with clients, agencies or partners.

It looks and feels like the Facebook you already know. Workplace has 90 percent of the features from Facebook -- things like walls, groups, reactions and a News Feed -- but it isn't linked to your personal account for the social network. It also has additional tools including one-to-one video calling in high definition and conference audio calling.

Another new competitor in the work-chat space is Microsoft, which earlier this month launched its equivalent, Teams.