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Facebook widens 360-degree live-streaming to all

Facebook is opening up its tool to live stream video in 360 degrees to all global users, after launching with certain publishers in December.

Facebook launched the capability to live stream 360-degree video progressively to specific Pages starting in December.

Facebook is letting everybody stream their lives in 360 degrees.

The operator of the world's biggest social network said Wednesday that it was widening the tool to all users globally, after it launched it on National Geographic's Facebook page in December.

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Live-streaming in 360 degrees, which lets viewers swivel their phones around them to see the action from any angle, hits two sweet spots for Facebook: its dual obsessions with video and virtual reality. Facebook has been aggressively expanding into video through moves like prioritizing clips in your Newsfeed and exploring original programming. And 360-degree video serves as a gateway to virtual reality, which has been one of Facebook's strategic focuses since buying headset maker Oculus in 2014.

Wednesday, the company said anyone with compatible 360 cameras can go live with them on Facebook, which included the Samsung Gear 360 (2017), Giroptic IO, Insta360, and ALLie Camera, as well as more professional options like the Z CAM S1 and Nokia Ozo. Facebook said it would work with other manufacturers to add more cameras.

Facebook users need to adjust their post privacy settings before going live. After writing a description for the live feed, 360 broadcasters can then see comments and reactions directly from the camera interface.