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Facebook video could be coming to a television near you

The social-media company might be working on an app that would bring video right to your living room.

Video is a big focus for Facebook.
Niall Carson/PA Wire

Your aimless channel surfing could lead you right to Facebook video.

Facebook is working on an app for television set-top boxes like Apple TV, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

Facebook, which has 1.79 billion monthly active users, declined to comment on the timing of the app or where else it might be available.

The app could bring Facebook video right into living rooms. It's another way the social network is pushing video these days. Since the company introduced live video streaming in April 2016, it's been testing the placement of ads in videos. It's even been testing a feature similar to Snapchat Stories where users can share videos and photos for 24 hours before those items disappear.

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