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Facebook users share 1 billion stories through outside apps

The social network showcases its latest purchase -- a developer platform -- to remind developers that it values outside apps.

MENLO PARK, Calif. -- Facebook highlighted its developer platform on Thursday, throwing out some big numbers around how third-party apps benefit from connecting to users through the social network.

The social network opened up its platform to independent developers six years ago Friday, Director of Product Manager Doug Purdy told journalists today at a press conference at Facebook's headquarters here. Attracting more developers means more apps for Facebook users.

More than 550 million people use third-party apps through Facebook, and those users share 1 billion stories a day, Purdy said.

He didn't forgot to spotlight mobile numbers as he walked through the history of Facebook's platform. The social network began its huge push for developing for mobile last year, and currently, Facebook is integrated with 80 percent of iOS apps and 70 percent of Android apps.

In addition to emphasizing the importance of gaming on Facebook (a quarter of Facebook's users play games through the network), Purdy talked about why the company recently acquired development startup Parse. Parse, which will continue to run its existing platform, allows developers to easily build apps for one operating system, like iOS, and then quickly and easily move it to another, like Android. This means more apps across a variety of devices.

"We live in a world of heterogeneous devices, and what we're trying to do is create a platform where third-party developers can create an experience that is focused on people," Purdy said, "not focused on devices, but focused on people."