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Facebook updates iOS app yet again

The social network has updated its iOS app for the third time this week to fix several bugs that were found in the prior release.

Facebook's new iOS app
Facebook's new iOS app Screenshot by CNET

Facebook has rolled out two more updates to its iOS app, this time to squash some bugs discovered in the version just released on Tuesday.

Released right after Tuesday's 4.0 update, the 4.0.1 update of Facebook for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch specifically fixed issues that caused the app to crash or hang when people upgraded from an earlier version.

When I updated Facebook to version 4.0 on my iPod Touch on Tuesday, the app would just crash and refuse to open. I had to remove it and then install the latest version from scratch to force the app to behave. The update appears to have worked since Facebook now opens without any trouble on my iOS device.

Following hot on the on heels of 4.0.1, another update out today--4.0.2--has resolved a separate glitch that prevented shortened URLs from resolving properly.

Facebook's initial 4.0 Tuesday update was significant as it not only added new features to the iPhone edition but finally introduced an optimized version for the iPad.

The iPhone app now displays links to your Facebook news feed, messages, friends, groups, and other items on the left. Tapping on any selection then opens that item full screen. The update beefed up the search feature, letting you now search for people, pages, and other content from a single screen. Users can also now play games and tap into apps from their mobile device. Finally, Facebook says it threw in a few updates to make the app more secure.

The iPad version takes full advantage of the tablet's larger size by using a two-pane display showing your news feed, messages, and other items on the left, and the actual content on the right. You can swipe the right pane to view it full screen. Of course, photos and videos can now be seen full screen as well, either in portrait or landscape mode.

Overall, the Facebook iPad app works smoothly. I've been using an app called Friendly that provided access to my Facebook account and took full advantage of the iPad's screen size. But the new Facebook app works just as well, so Facebook iPad users should do nicely with either one.

Updated at 12:15 p.m. PT clarifying which issues the two latest updates fixed.