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Facebook, Twitter see record number of visits in July

Facebook grabs 162 million visitors, while Twitter brings in more than 32 million, according to new data from ComScore.

Facebook and Twitter each broke a record last month with the highest number of visitors seen by the sites, according to data released Friday by ComScore.

For the month, Facebook ranked fourth in most visited Web sites in the U.S., behind Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. The popular social network had 162 million unique visitors, compared with 160 million in June and 157 million in May. And compared with 145 million in July 2010, its latest figures show a rise of more than 11 percent.

Twitter, which was ranked at No. 34, saw 32.8 million people flock to its site last month, compared with 30.6 million in June and 27 million in May. Compared with 24.8 million in July 2010, its latest numbers represent a 32 percent increase.


Looking at other social networks, LinkedIn took in 32.5 million visitors in July, down from 33.9 million in June and 33.3 million in May.

The latest social network on the block, Google+, wasn't listed separately by ComScore but is likely factored into Google Sites, which was the most visited site for the month with 182.2 million visitors. Earlier this month, ComScore said that Google+ had seen 25 million visitors through July 24, making it the fastest Web site to reach such numbers. The social network launched at the end of June.

Beyond social networks, ticket sites also proved popular in July, said ComScore, as people tried to soak in the summer by going to movies, concerts, and sporting events. Among these sites, Ticketmaster took the lead with 10.9 million visitors, followed by MovieTickets.com with 5.6 million, and Tickets.com with 3.6 million.

With parents already hunting for back-to-school specials, consumer goods sites saw a 13 percent jump in traffic. Staples.com was in first place with 7.3 million visitors for the month. Office Depot came in second with 4 million, followed by QVC Sites with 3.6 million, and OfficeMax with 2.5 million.