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Facebook to run PSA on suicide prevention

In recognition of Suicide Prevention Awareness month, the social network will promote an infographic to remind members that help is just a click away.

Matt Harnack/Facebook

Facebook is using its massive 1.15 billion-member network to remind people that getting help for a suicidal friend takes just a click or two.

The social network, in recognition of Suicide Prevention Awareness month, will run a public service announcement across the site in the U.K, U.S., and Canada during the rest of September and direct members to an infographic on how to get help for people in crisis. The company says it's also now partnered with 33 suicide prevent organizations around the globe.

"We are committed to decreasing suicide globally by connecting people in need with the resources and people who can help them best," Joe Sullivan, Facebook's chief security officer, wrote in a blog post. "As the place where people share with their real-life friends, we have a unique opportunity to give people the tools to respond to calls for help."

In the post, Sullivan reminds members that they can click to report a troubling Facebook post on desktop or mobile, search "Suicide" on the social network for resources, or visit the company's help center for more information.

With Facebook's size and reach, the company's digital suicide prevention campaign is likely one of the largest and potentially most impactful of its kind.

Update, 11:44 a.m. PT: A Facebook spokesperson clarified the PSA would run in the U.K., Canada, and the U.S., and target young adults.