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Facebook tests VoIP, adds voice mail-like service

The social network updates its Messenger app with the ability to send recorded voice messages globally, but tests actual voice calls in Canada.

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iPhone users in Canada can now use Facebook to make voice calls, the social network revealed today.

The company is testing the ability to make VoIP calls -- the same service Skype provides -- using its Messenger app. Those in Canada can start a call with a contact by tapping the "i" button in the top right corner and hit "Free Call." Users will have to update the app to the version available today to use the feature and the voice call uses existing data plans.

While Canadians can experience actual voice calls, Facebook is giving the rest of the world voice mails. The VoIP test comes with a global update of the Messenger app for iOS and Android that adds a voice recording feature.

Not only is Facebook adding a feature that no one really uses anymore, the recording and sending process seems to leave plenty of room for error.

To send a contact a recorded voice message, tap the "+" button next to the box where you write a message and hit "Record," holding down the button as you are talking. When you are done, release the button and the message will automatically send. If you want to cancel the message while you are recording, slide your finger off the button instead.

This can be seen as recording and sending a message in one swift move, or an easy way to accidentally send an unfinished message.

Either way, the changes are a part of Facebook's move to beef up its apps and find new ways to keep users within its network, no matter what task they are trying to accomplish. This includes buying gifts, or sending disappearing images.