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Facebook showing unsolicited Page posts in News Feed

Uninvited updates are being inserted into the feed to help users find conversations of potential interest.

You may not have asked for them, but you're going to start seeing posts in your News Feed from Pages you don't follow.

Facebook said Tuesday that it has tweaked its News Feed formula yet again, this time to include posts that Pages you've "liked" are tagged in. The alteration means you'll find stories from Pages you don't follow mentioning those that you do.

The social network is pitching the change as a way to help people "discover conversations around topics they've expressed interest in."

Specifically, when a Page tags another Page in a post, Facebook may show that post to you if you like or follow the tagged Page. Say, for instance, you follow a celebrity Page on Facebook. When that celebrity is tagged in a photo by a Page you don't follow, Facebook may show you that post in News Feed with the "celebrity was mentioned in a photo" header, as pictured below.

news feed story

Essentially, Facebook is just emulating the way it already handles mentions of friends -- you already see posts from strangers mentioning your friends. Still, the change might not go over so well with those who don't want the social network to make assumptions about the types of content they want in their News Feed.

But people do want this -- or so Facebook says. "When we tested adding this feature for Pages we found that people liked seeing this type of content in their News Feeds and gave these stories high scores in surveys," Product Manager Andrew Song wrote in a blog post.

Tuesday's News Feed adjustment is just the latest in a string of changes to the formula powering Facebook's stream of content. Recently, the company also decided to show fewer memes and fewer text posts from Pages.