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Facebook sent 160M visitors to mobile apps in April

Social network's traffic to mobile apps and games has nearly tripled in two months.

The number of visitors Facebook is sending to mobile apps and games has almost tripled in the past two months.

The social-networking giant announced today that it sent more than 160 million users to mobile apps in April, up from 60 million visitors in late February. In the same time frame, those mobile users were in turn generated more than 1.1 billion visits to mobile apps, up from 320 million in late February.

Facebook also reported that seven of the top 10 grossing iOS apps and six of Android's top 10 were integrated with Facebook.

"As mentioned in previous highlights, features like Single Sign On and Open Graph increase installs, usage, and re-engagement for mobile apps, regardless of whether they are built for iOS, Android or the mobile web," mobile product marketing manager Jonathan Matus said in a statement.

The social network noted that it has helped many mobile apps find success in the past couple of months. Social professional network BranchOut has grown from 1 million monthly active users to more than 12 million in the three months since its mobile app was integrated with Facebook. iOS app Viddy has seen its community grow to more than 16 million registered users since integrating with Facebook and launching its Open Graph actions.