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Facebook said to be hot on mobile in Sweden, not Germany

Internal report obtained by TechCrunch shows where the social network has had success attracting mobile-gadget users.


Facebook's efforts to transition to mobile have met with uneven success in some international markets, according to internal numbers obtained by TechCrunch.

While 53 percent of mobile users in Sweden are on Facebook, only 27 percent of mobile users in Germany access the social network on their handsets, according to metrics included in a "The Annual" report sent to partners and obtained by TechCrunch's Josh Constine. The playfully illustrated report, Constine reports, gives a never-before-broadcast look into which countries are driving the company's growth into mobile.

Competition from local social network StudiVZ has apparently stymied Facebook's growth in Germany, where the US company has captured only 43 percent of Internet users in total. However, the country does have 25 million monthly active users compared with Sweden's 4.9 million (57 percent).

The 68-page report, which includes figures on consumer spending influenced by Facebook, belies some pessimism about becoming a media giant.

"We're not ever going to be a media company," the report quoted VP of product Chris Cox as saying. "There's not a great history of mediums becoming good at creating content."

A Facebook representative confirmed the report's authenticity to CNET but asserted that the figures included in it had already been released to local business and trade journalists.

As consumers have increasingly turned to smartphone and mobile gadgets to access the Internet, Facebook has ramped up its focus on mobile advertising. Earlier this month, researcher eMarketer predicted that Facebook was on track to be the second largest seller of digital advertisements in the US in 2013 thanks to its mobile ads.