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Facebook reportedly delays release of video ads

The social network still wants to show you 15-second video ads, but not until the fall, according to Ad Age.


Facebook is postponing the release of video advertisements that automatically play in News Feed, according to Ad Age.

The social network wants to release the specialized units alongside new social-networking features and is now targeting an unofficial mid-October launch date, Ad Age reported, citing a source familiar with the product.

Fifteen-second video ads that auto-play in the Facebook feed have been rumored since late last year and were supposedly on track for a June or July release. In April, Ad Age reported that the social network was shopping around the units for a price tag upwards of $1 million for a day-long run.

A Facebook spokesperson told CNET, "no comment."

For now, though, it appears as if your News Feed is safe from these highly intrusive, TV-like ads.