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Facebook quietly rolls out weather app

You can stay in the loop weather-wise, with the social media giant's new forecast app for your newsfeed.

Screenshot by Brian Bennett/CNET

Don't miss the weather forecast just because you can't tear your eyes away from Facebook. A new mobile weather app is making its way into the hands of Facebook users worldwide this week. The software, really a mini app that's part of Facebook's overarching suite of products and services, will add timely weather info to your personal newsfeed.

The data this app provides is pretty light, consisting of current conditions in your local area along with basic temperature predictions and a brief atmospheric forecast. In a world swamped with mobile apps serving up weather data, Facebook's software offers nothing groundbreaking. Perhaps that's why the company is quietly rolling out the feature and not issuing a formal press release.

Hyper-local meteorological data measured by personal smart and/or connected weather stations such as Bloomsky is yet another new online frontier. When info from these and similar devices are aggregated globally, it potentially becomes a powerful crowdsourced forecasting tool.

Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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