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Facebook: Pay to promote your posts for garage sales, parties

If you're willing to shell out the dough -- possibly just $7 -- you can potentially make more people read your update. Whether you win more friends or influence people is a separate question.


If you want to get more attention for your engagement announcement or an event like a garage sale or a party, Facebook has got a way for you to do it -- if you're willing to pay.

The social network started testing a new feature in the U.S. today that lets people buy promoted posts. Facebook will push your selected post to the top of news feeds, increasing the likelihood of your friends and subscribers seeing it.

A Facebook representative said the company is not confirming how much promoting a post will cost, because the feature is still in test mode, but when we took the feature for a spin, it showed a $7 price tag.

Folks with fewer than 5,000 friends and subscribers are able to access the feature, but if you don't see it yet it's because Facebook is still rolling it out to members.

The company tested this feature in other countries before releasing it in the U.S. It started testing promoted posts in May in New Zealand and has since rolled the feature out to more than 20 countries.

The new feature also lets users see how many more of their friends saw the post in their feeds by comparing the percentage of friends who would have seen it normally to the amount who saw the promoted post.

A similar feature was launched in May for Facebook Pages.