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Facebook pares down privacy controls

Facebook is rolling out new privacy settings, handily grouped on one page. Has the social network done enough to safeguard your private parts?

Facebook is rolling out new privacy options after a storm ignited over who can see your stuff. Chief 'booker Mark Zuckerberg announced the new-look privacy settings in a blog post, in which he also promised that there wouldn't be any sneaky changes to the privacy framework "for a long time".

The new settings can be viewed and altered on one page and with one click, unlike the current settings, which are confusingly split over different pages. A handy grid now shows who can see what -- whether your pictures, updates and content sharing can be seen by friends, friends of friends, or everyone. You will still have the option of diving into your settings to fine-tune them as you like.

You can turn off all applications, so even your public information is not shared with apps. The amount of public information has also been stripped right down to just your name, profile picture, gender and any networks you join.

You can also completely kill the controversial instant personalisation feature. This tracks your activity across the Web, and your friends' activity too, in Facebook's 'open graph' network of partner sites.

Has the new feature rolled out to your profile yet, and has Facebook solved its privacy problem? Tell us your private thoughts in the comments.