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Facebook Messenger's M assistant gets new AI powers

Talking about the money you owe a friend? M will suggest payment options. Need to get somewhere? M will fetch you an Uber!

The good people at Facebook must be working overtime.

After implementing the Snapchat-esque Stories feature and trialing a second News Feed, the company is adding some AI components to its Messenger's M assistant.

Launching in the US on Thursday, Facebook said in a blog that M will offer helpful suggestions during conversations with friends.

M knows if you're talking about buying something off a friend, for instance, and will automatically offer payment options. Facebook also said M can offer to share your exact location with a friend during a conversation, and will offer the option of a poll if you're in a group chat and something needs deciding.

M's AI abilities have hit both iOS and Android, but right now they're only available to users in the US. It was noted, though, they will "eventually roll out to other countries." Facebook also promised this was the beginning, saying M's predictive powers will only get bigger from here.

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