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Facebook Messenger now with video, improved messaging

Say cheese. The updated app comes with tools to help people add all types of content to chats as quickly as possible.

Facebook Messenger for iOS, version 5.0 Facebook

Facebook released a new version of Messenger for iOS that allows for video exchanges and faster photo messaging among friends and groups.

The Monday update comes just days after the social network said that its homemade messaging application now has a monthly audience of 200 million people.

Most notably, version 5.0 of Facebook Messenger includes a new messaging interface, meaning people will now see a single row of icons that gives them quick access to insert content such as voice messages, pictures, videos, and stickers into their chats. Also new are improved search options and a way to download sticker packs -- aka collections of larger and more expressive emoji -- straight from conversation threads.

In essence, the company has tweaked Messenger's message design to promote the various types of sharing that the app allows with nearly everything, including camera photo captures, just a single tap away.

Facebook said a similar version is being slowly pushed out to people on Android this week.

Messenger is part of a growing suite of singular applications the social network is using to appeal to mobile audiences with varied tastes.

Facebook, according to chief Mark Zuckerberg, now takes a three-tiered approach to mobile where its native application brings in the money; Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger act as recruiting vehicles for Facebook proper; and Paper and the just-acquired Moves give the company some experimental freedom to explore alternative forms of sharing.