Facebook Messenger can now sync Instagram contacts

Bump up your contact list with your Instagram buddies.

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Messenger And Facebook : Illustration

Your Facebook Messenger contact list can grow massively with a few tabs.

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Facebook Messenger can now fill out your contact list by syncing with Instagram.

You can find the "Connect Instagram" option under Messenger's "People" tab, and use it to sync up your profile with your Instagram contacts.

The addition -- first noticed by Twitter user @wongmjane and reported by TechCrunch -- makes your Instagram username and account visible to others on Messenger. However, it does so without warning when you tap the connection option.

Facebook and Instagram confirmed that the feature is now in full public launch.

In May, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Messenger would be getting a cleaner redesign and augmented reality camera effects, which can be seen in the app now.

Facebook, which owns Instagram, also updated spin-off app Messenger Kids in April to add a "sleep mode." The new feature lets parents set parameters for when their kids can and can't use the app.

If you're just getting into Messenger, check out our guide to some of its fun features.

Updated at 3:12 am PST Friday: Adds Facebook and Instagram confirmation of the launch.