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Reactions and new camera effects are coming to Facebook Lite

Users of Facebook Lite will find new features borrowed from the original app, with India-specific camera effects too.

Namaste: Facebook Lite has brought India-specific camera effects to its app.
Rebecca Conway/AFP/Getty Images

Facebook Lite is beginning to look more and more like its big brother.

The social networking giant today introduced new features from the original Facebook app to Facebook Lite, according to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. These include India-specific camera effects and the Reactions feature. The plans were originally announced at A Place to Connect, an event Facebook held yesterday.

India is one of Facebook's biggest markets, but much of the country still has to make do with slower network connections. In order to bring a faster and more reliable experience to users in India and other countries with slower mobile networks, Facebook launched a Lite version of its original app in 2015.

These services are more relevant to Indian users and include camera effects that are specific to Indian culture. Users can choose the "Namaste" greeting as well as the standard set of frames and effects.

It is unclear whether these made-for-India camera effects are available to Facebook Lite users in other countries. CNET has reached out to Facebook for clarification.

Facebook Lite has also added the Reactions feature, which was introduced in 2015 to allow a greater range of options than the Like button offered. Since its introduction, Facebook users have used Reactions "more than 300 billion times," Zuckerberg said. The popular feature was also launched on Facebook Messenger last month.

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