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Facebook launches Community Accelerator to train online leaders

Six-month program will provide funding and mentorship to people who lead online communities.

Facebook has launched a program to train leaders of online communities.
James Martin/CNET

Facebook said Tuesday it's launching a months-long program to help leaders of communities on the social network grow their groups. The Community Accelerator is a six-month program that will provide training, funding and mentorship to selected community leaders, Facebook said.

Facebook said its program participants will spend three months learning from experts and coaches under a customized curriculum to learn how to create goals and expand their communities. Participants will then spend another three months executing their plan with funding and continued support from their network.

Facebook said $3 million in total will be awarded to up to 80 participants in the program, which is part of the Facebook Leadership Program.

Facebook said people interested in applying can do so at the Accelerator signup page.