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Facebook goes back to basics for new-new News Feed

Yes, you're finally getting a new News Feed, but it's really just the old News Feed with bigger photos and a different font.

Facebook's new News Feed comes with bigger photos, but not much else has changed.

Facebook will try again with a new News Feed, this time opting for functional over flashy.

The social network said Thursday that it is rolling out an "updated look" for the desktop version of News Feed. The design, which comes with bigger images and a new font, is meant to better match the mobile version that people already see on their smartphones.

The latest iteration of the new News Feed comes almost exactly a year to the date after the social network showed off its idea of a bigger, bolder News Feed. That version, however, never made it to the masses. Facebook seems to have learned the hard way that its audience can't digest a ton of change all at once.

Instead, the company's 1.23 billion members will get a slightly different News Feed from the one they have now, where bigger is better when it comes to pictures and ads, but the rest is mostly business as usual.

For those who did get Facebook's flashier News Feed, this means you'll notice that the social network has scrapped the prominent box with the separate feeds and gone back to a less cluttered left-hand sidebar that's now gray, ultimately returning News Feed navigation back to the status quo.

The changes announced Thursday are entirely cosmetic in nature, meaning they won't affect how content is surfaced in News Feed. Facebook said it will roll out the new design to a majority of members this month.