Facebook gives cleaner, app-centric Timeline design to all

The social network has finished a spring cleaning project to make the profile more reflective of a person's identity.

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Jennifer Van Grove
facebook timeline instagram section
The Instagram Timeline section. Facebook

Facebook said Thursday that it has completed the rollout of a cleaned-up version of Timeline, first unveiled in March, that comes with application sections for showing off a person's favorite interests.

The idea behind the new design is to not only turn Timeline into a more organized area, but to make the profile space better reflect the individual tastes of every Facebook user through a feature called "sections."

Sections, which are handpicked by each individual Facebook user, are included in the About tab and sit to the left of a now single-column stream of updates on a person's Timeline. Sections show off top picks or recent updates from a user's favorite Facebook and third-party applications. Members can add an Instagram section to highlight recent photos, for instance, or opt to add movies or music sections and pick their favorite flicks or songs.

The company suggested that Timeline 2.0 is already hit with its 1.11 billion active users. Facebook said that members are adding close to 200 million items to sections each day, and that more than 17 billion songs have been added to music sections.

Tuesday, Facebook also released a few new tools to entice even more developers to connect their apps to Timeline sections -- and encourage more adding activity in the process. The company now lets developers track their Timeline section impressions and referral clicks, and supports content ratings from sections.